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How Did It Start?


The story began back in the spring of 2007, when a chance encounter with one of Thomas Jefferson’s most poignant quotes brought a couple of Americans scrambling out of the sense of apathy they had found themselves mired in.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

As the 2008 presidential election came hurtling towards the nation, they realized then that there was a distinct lack of factual and impartial information available for the populace, both online and in print. Agendas and motives were skewing the medium of news reporting. It brought into question how the electorate could possibly make an informed and logical decision in casting their vote for the presidency.

They could no longer, in good conscience, remain as uninterested observers in the most important aspect of this great nation’s system of governance. And thus, armed with pens and keyboards, Presidential-Candidates.Org was born out of the collective guilt of these sons of the land.

Surprisingly, a simple, bulleted, direct quotation format drew almost 4 million Americans to the site in the final two weeks before the 2008 election.



Site Revamp and Expansion


Buoyed by success of 2008, we expanded the site to cover a larger base of candidates, spread over several new party-oriented domains. We revamped the format, added issues and built the largest database of presidential election-related information online, which ultimately ran over 1,500 webpages. We introduced a slew of third party and independent candidates to our roster and were determined to present them on a level platform.

By early 2011, we were drawing over 30,000 unique visitors daily. On May 5, 2011, the first Republican Presidential Debate held in South Carolina caused our servers to crash when close to 300,000 Americans visited the site. By the end of the year, we were averaging a little over 100,000 unique visitors daily.



The 2012 Presidential Election


In the four days leading up to the curtain-raising Iowa Republican Caucus, our servers crashed several times as traffic swelled by 1,100%. By the following month, the long hours spent on the site began to affect our work and private lives - but we held on. We were making a difference, and it proved to be all the inspiration and motivation needed.

One day after the November 6 election, we dragged our weary and exhausted bodies to tally up our unique visitor count for the year and the figure stood at 31,523,808. We felt vindicated, honored, and grew a little misty-eyed.



The Future

We sat down over many a cups of coffee and finally decided to take the plunge. We are going big. Real big. Presidential-Candidates.Org had now evolved into the Politics and Governance Portal, and we aim to turn it into the biggest repository of American politics online. In 2014, we will be covering the midterm elections. By 2015, we will be ready for the start of the presidential nomination process, with a roster that will be the largest in history, featuring hundreds of eligible candidates of all creeds, party affiliations, and campaign war chest. So get on our four-stage wonder Magic Bus, and buckle up.


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